Picks & Links

I've posted some more pages and updates to the site; most notably the Gallery and Links sections. There's still a lot more to add, but this will be an ongoing process.

The Gallery has one full project up. (see the "featured" projects in the right side bar) I'll try to have all the "featured" boxes filled before launch. I have to apologize in advance to all the Internet Explorer users out there, as for some strange reason, the Gallery pages don't always render correctly in IE (Thanks, Bill...) Outside of the fact that the background is supposed to stay fixed (not scroll-up with the page) and a few other minor things that don't really detract from the site, sometimes its more blatant, like the footer floating behind the main body. But then, that's why (in my humble opinion) you should be using another browser, like FireFox or Opera. But I digress...

The Links section currently has a main page and a page for CADD related links. I'm still putting together the AEC and Food Service links pages; the FS pages are the longest...I didn't realize just how many sites I've accumulated in my bookmarks (a.k.a. "favorites") over the years! I'm going to have to post those various pages in installments.

Anyway, peruse at will and let me know if there's anything I need to fix, or if there's something you'd like to see... all input is welcome... and encouraged!

Plus, before I forget, I want to give a big Thank You! to Lisa and "my friend" for sniffing-out the typos on the site. Keep up the good work!