New FSRP Contributor

ASIT's Food Service Resource Pages site been rather neglected over the winter, but that's changing...

We have a new user, Carl Muth, who as a writer, will be contributing to the site's content. Carl hails from Atlanta, Georgia, where he runs his company, FoodService Resource Associates, LLC. (...hmm, sounds familiar...) He's actually put together a rather extensive website catering to end-users and potential operators.

We look forward to collaborating with Carl, and we'll keep you up-to-date, or stop by the What's New page.


Daylight Savings Time Update

I'm sure you all know about the new Daylight Savings Time change this weekend. But, you may not realize that your (Windows) computer system will not automatically adjust your system clock like it has in the past (since this is relatively recent legislation). However, Microsoft has a nice Daylight Saving Time Update Guide [http://support.microsoft.com/gp/cp_dst] to walk you through the update process.

Most of you will want to select "Home user" to start out, as the other selections assume you have an "IT Department" and the subsequent pages aren't very helpful. Firefox users will be prompted to install a Plug-In (I think IE7 users will too), but it's not big [±800kb] and won't interrupt the update process.

Goog luck to all, and see you on the other side!