AutoCAD & ADT Tips

I'm adding an "CADD Tips" section to the blog. I will be posting various how-to articles for AutoCAD in general, and more specifically Architectural Desktop.

Since I am a member of the Autodesk User Group International, or AUGI, I have had the opportunity to answer various questions posted to forums. I try to keep my posts succinct, so it doesn't always allow for elaboration on a technique. But by using this blog, I will be allowed to make more detailed explanations, as well as including screen shots. I also want to have links to example drawings that anyone can download and play with.

If you have anything you'd like to know about, I'd be happy to produce a post on the subject (assuming of course it's not beyond my experience). Just post a comment here, or send an email to tips(at)aspaceintime.com.

ADDENDUM: Tips will now be posted on the Back to the Drafting Board site, under Tips & How-To.

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