Change of Venue

Not sure if you noticed, but the ASIT web site, blog, and email all went down for a few days. This was because I was beguiled by Google's "Apps for your Domain" and decided to switch-over ASIT's email to Gmail (I'm a big fan). Unfortunately, once the new DNS settings kicked-in, mail was fine, but the site and blog went "bye-bye."

Well, as it turns out, it was an all or nothing situation; I would have to switch everything (website & blog, in addition to email) to Google if I wanted to keep Gmail. Since I've been paying Earthlink $25/mo. for hosting, and the Google services are free, it only took talking myself into re-building the two sites and all their content.

It was a lot of copying & pasting, but everything is now residing on Google's servers. I had to give-up the customized look of the site for Google's templates; I'm hoping there will be an option in the future for custom templates, but for now, the site is passable. And I have to admit, using the Google Pages interface is a lot easier that coding everything in HTML.

So we're back up and running, although I still have some site pages and blog posts to take care of (for example, the Gallery needs to be reconstructed). Of course, I'll keep you up-to-date on the progress here.


More Updates

There were a couple minor typos on the site that were bugging me, so I've updated a few of the pages, as well as adding a site index. The Clients page has also been updated, with project lists for LGA and BRD.

I hope to have some corresponding gallery pages added soon, too.